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Logistics Solution

Logistics Solution

Nippon Concept has a reputation in providing quality and safe chemical logistics solution dynamically and creatively in the business of tank operations geared to the specific needs of all chemical producers. Our company has developed a core and essential competency since the early beginnings of our business in the chemical industry, offering our customers comprehensive services that are completely in sync with almost any shipment requirements with unique specialisation or customisation.

The high proficiency in arranging shipment processes and procedures of optimum resourcefulness is the perfect example of effective cargo shipment management in the national and international market.

Being a full solution provider, Nippon Concept takes charge in managing the logistical chain to fulfil all the needs of our clientel. As an established professional company with our own tank terminal facilities, along with our networks, equipments and infrastructure.

Nippon Concept offers a strong local presence and the market knowledge required for effective control over the distribution process and provision of all tanks’ distribution. This enables us to co-ordinate our inventory movements, and ensuring high fleet utilisation with cost effective operations.

Also, in our company’s operation facilities, Nippon Concept provides heating, storage and decanting services with capabilities that will execute every required task effectively. Our methods and techniques allow the more complicated cargoes to be controlled and monitored closely.

Heating Services

In our operation facilities, Nippon Concept provides efficient heating services with capabilities of incorporating steam to heat high-viscosity cargoes or high-melting-point cargoes. In doing so, there is no longer a need for cargoes to be unloaded prior to heating.

Our heating facilities caters to all cargoes; including ones that require speical attention, or mild heating.

In our tank terminals, we provide warm / hot water heating, thus enabling us to monitor the temperature in a more predictable and controlled manner. (Keihin Branch, Chubu Branch)
  Keihin Branch Keiyo Rinkai Branch Kobe Branch Chubu Branch Mizushima Branch
Heating Equipment Steam or Hot water Steam Steam Steam or Hot water Steam
Maximum temperature 100C 100C 100C 100C 100C


In Nippon Concept, we have our own Top-Lifters, which can handle loaded Tanks and Containers at our Kobe and Keihin branches in Japan. Also, with a private designated storage area for flammable cargoes at our Keihin Branch, our company guarantees a top notch safety level.
These facilities are crucial as they are instrumental in the process of decanting cargoes to other receptacles, heating, adjustments, and as well as the discharging process.



We provide decanting service according to our customer’s needs and requirements. ISO-Tank Containers can be decanted to a tanker lorry, or into drums, small lots on multiple delivery order; all in accordance to our customer's requested specifications. Hazardous cargoes as stipulated in the Fire Defence Law can be decanted at our operating facilities as well.

Our Keihin branch has a docking berth for domestic vessels, therefore, decanting from domestic tank ships into another transport receiver will be possible in the near future.