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ISO-Tank Container

Technical Tank Dimension Specifications


The tank container is widely accepted due to the ease of handling, lower unit shipping costs and the ability to be inter-modally transported globally. Tank containers carry 56% more product in bulk than a standard 20ft container loaded with 70 to 80 drums of the same product. It is the preferred choice for the containment and transportation of liquid cargo. Also, tank containers are popular for plant storage, customer deliveries and batch blending of bulk products thus improving the efficiency of distribution. Most importantly, tank containers provide quality and safe containment assurance of the cargo.


It meets the requirements for both a storage container for dangerous cargo and a transportation container, which contributes greatly to simplifying the formality procedures for transporting dangerous cargo.

General Purpose

It allows sea and land transportation of dangerous cargo, just like general freight containers.


Safe handling of the cargo is enabled by the safety features of the ISO Tank Container during discharging and loading, advertently maintaining the quality of the cargo during transportation.

Space Economy

Similar to general freight containers, it can also be stacked, rendering economical space management in the loading onto vessels and even during temporary storage stages.

Large Capacity

Endures long-term repetitive usage, featuring voluminous capacity, does not require auxiliary packing materials, making its worth astutely economical.


ISO-Tank Dimensions

Technical Tank Dimension Specifications

1) Bottom Outlet
2) Top Outlet

3) Safety Outlet
4) Manhole Man-lids
5) Air Inlet